Terms and Conditions

Domain Name Registration/Renewal/Transfer Service Terms and Conditions

1. Domain Registration/Incoming Transfer Orders

A. Customer domain registrations/incoming transfer orders are submitted to us online. New customers can do this directly via our website and existing customers can use their online admin panel account.

B. Customers should ensure that all domain registration order information submitted is spelt correctly and is up to date as any subsequent amendments may incur a charge in order to perform.

C. Customers are responsible for ensuring that they have complied with the registration criteria and obtained all consents and authorizations necessary in respect of the registration or transfer of the domain name(s). Domain extension specific information can be found as per links below these terms.

D. Damas Info Limited Internet Solutions reserve the right to refuse orders for any reason. Where we do refuse an order, we will notify the customer that the order will not be processed via telephone or email. If the order has been processed and the customer has paid our charges they will be refunded back to the credit/debit card or PayPal account used to make the payment or placed as a credit on the customers account.

E. If we accept a domain registration/transfer order, the processing of your request will start immediately.

2. Services

A. We provide domain name registration services on an "as available" basis. Our acceptance of an application to register a domain name is not an acknowledgement by us that the domain name is available. The success or failure of domain name registration depends on many factors outside our control and we cannot therefore guarantee that an application will be successful. Any application to register a domain name is therefore subject to the successful registration of the domain name at the applicable domain name registry/registrar. A successful registration is shown by the domain name being displayed on the appropriate WHOIS directory of the registry/registrar as being registered to the customer.

B. If a domain name is not successfully registered with the registry/registrar or if we do not accept an order for whatever reason, we will refund the registration fee a customer has paid to us or place a credit of the same amount on the customers’ online account.

Customers acknowledge that by us performing a Registrar Transfer, the domain name(s) will be blocked from transferring to any other domain name registrar for a period of 60 days from the date the transfer is completed as per the registry’s restrictions.

3. Charges and Payment

DAMAS INFO LIMITED Internet Solutions require payment in advance for the registration, renewal and transfer of all domain names where charges apply.

Our charges for registration and renewal.

The disbursements and our charges represent the initial costs for the registration of a domain name and customers acknowledge that continued use of a domain name may expose them to additional charges payable to the local domain name registry/registrar, for example on renewal. Customers are liable for any such charges. The charges and disbursements charged will remain fixed for the registration term of the domain (such as twelve (12) months or twenty four (24) months as applicable or notified to customers.

A. No refund will be given if:

1. Termination takes place within the existing registration period of the domain name.

2. The domain name was renewed directly by the customer with the domain registry/registrar.

4. Refund & cancellation/Cancellation

Customers are entitled to cancel an order for a domain name subject to the following terms:

If we have not accepted and started processing the order, it will be cancelled subject to customers paying a cancellation charge of 100 rupees.

If customers are not sure about their or their company/organization’s eligibility to register a specific domain extension then we request that they contact our sales dept in advance of placing an order (Tel 05224102822 – sales option or email sales@damasinfo.com)